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Google’s Tim Armstrong Named New AOL CEO

Time Warner’s Jeff Bewkes has kicked out the dynamic duo of Randy Falco (CEO) and Ron Grant (COO) for Google’s Tim Armstrong (former SVP Advertising and Commerce, North America). The announcement came a little bit after 5pm (EST) on Thursday March 12, 2009. While the details are still vague, there has been some mention of […]

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Negative Side Effect of Microlending

While only finding out about it roughly a year-and-a-half ago, I’ve grown to be a big proponent of micro-financing. Essentially, micro-financing — also called micro-lending — is when an entrepreneur or micro business owners is looking to raise some capital ($250 to $2000) to start or expand their business. Typically, this business is in a […]

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Why Google & Wikipedia are making us dumber

Google and Wikipedia turn everyone into instant experts on any given subject matter. However, because we know that information is easily available again, we make very little effort to retain it. Plus, with the mobile revolution (slowly) progressing, we now have the ability to get at that information from where we choose. As we learned […]

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Presidential Celebrity Couple Name: Jobama or Obiden?

So now that Barack Obama has officially announced his running mate will be Joe Biden, the most important question has to be answered. What should their celebrity couple name be? Make sure you vote (or die) below: Yes we can-tribute! If you have other suggestions for the Obama-Biden ticket nickname, leave a comment.

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Zimbabwe’s Hyperinflation Solution: Slash Zero’s

Our friend Gideon Gono (Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe) has decided to tackle the ultra-hyperinflation pummeling Zimbabwe in one fell swoop. His solution? Lopping zeros off of the Zimbabwean Dollar — ten of them! That means, as of August 1st, a 10 Billion Zimbabwean Dollar (ZWD) bill will be worth one ZWD. That’s […]

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