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Are Page Views A Dying KPI Metric?

In these times of online ad media spend continuing to increase (projected to reach $70B by 2010), it may sound absurd to diminish the value of page views. However, with the growth in popularity of AJAX & Javascript, user generated content and advances in dependable CPA/CPL based advertising, I believe page views as a metric […]

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Spore Creature Creator Made Public

All 190 megs of Spore’s Creature Creator was made available to the public on June 14th. Within days, YouTube was flooded with thousands of videos of user-made creatures hanging out in a swamp and dancing to some bongo music. The video game is a “MSO” (massively single-player online game) and the brainchild of Will Wright, […]

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Firefox 3 World Record Download Day 2008

Mozilla is trying to set a world record for the most downloaded software in 24 hours with its new Firefox 3 release. That official download day is today, Tuesday, June 17th, 2008… conveniently also the launch date for the browser. As of this post, over 1.7 million users have pledged to download the new Firefox […]

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When We Left Earth Part 2 – NASA’s Apollo Missions

This Sunday was the second part of When We Left Earth, Discovery Channel’s three part series covering NASA’s first 50 years. While the part one documented the agency’s shaky beginnings up to the Gemini missions (1958 to 1966), part two really focused on the Apollo lunar flights. Once again, they did an excellent job covering […]

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Today I launched a mobile version of! Now you can get all the items from the desktop version on your WAP enabled phone or PDA. This includes all the posts, polls, images and other miscellaneous items I choose to throw up on here from time to time. So, to all my on-the-go visitors, enjoy […]

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