World’s Most Billionaires Per Capita


The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has accomplished an impressive milestone. Thanks to Gideon Gono, the present Governor of the Reserve Bank and President Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe now has the highest percentage of Billionaires per capita than any other country in the world. The billionaire ratio is even higher than a recent gathering of the Bugatti Owners Club. Ultra-wealth also attracts crime. However, Zimbabwe has also done an excellent job with crime. In fact, it is common place to see people walking down the street flashing their wealth by carrying hundreds of billions of Zimbabwean Dollars (ZWD) in open daylight. Analysts estimate that at the current pace, Zimbabwe will soon have the world’s highest concentration of Quadrillionaires. You listening Donald Trump? Read More »

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Human Clock and Calendar


I ran across a couple of really interesting sites today while on a search for a new alarm clock. They make generally dull clocks/calendar applications from a pure functional tool and turn them into social activities. As odd as it may sound, Human Clock is basically a photo repository where people submit pictures of themselves or photos they take of a time during the day. Think of it like Flickr on a scavenger hunt. The cool (and possibility annoying) part of this application is that you don’t just get the time by glancing at a clock, but you have to search for it in the picture. Even better, those not in the know will be puzzled at why you have a gallery of random pictures (scores, addresses, product names etc) flashing on your screen.

The sister site to Human Clock is Human Calendar. Because its development only started after the clock was released, it doesn’t seem to have the same polished look or social popularity. Also, the photos in the calendar seem a bit more complex than just someone holding up a sign for 9:59PM. At first glance, I didn’t appreciate the full interactivity of the heads in the month, but if you tweak with it a little bit — change the week to start on a Monday vs Sunday or change the timezone — you’ll really begin to see how much coordination it took to put it together. Craig Giffen did a great job on both sites!

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When We Left Earth Available on DVD


For all you space and science geeks out there, I’m sure Discovery’s “When We Left Earth” series was the HD event of 2008. If you didn’t get a chance to watch it, missed an episode (like me), or just want to see all the NASA footage in all its HD glory, you can pre-order the six episode DVD box set. The box-set comes with 4 discs and is available in two formats — standard definition and Blu-Ray HD. Bonus features include 4 hours of NASA highlights, extra mission clips and detailed astronaut interviews. The standard version runs $64.95 and will ship on July 10th. However, the Blu-Ray version will set you back $74.99 and ships a couple weeks later on July 24th. Read More »

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Are Page Views A Dying KPI Metric?


In these times of online ad media spend continuing to increase (projected to reach $70B by 2010), it may sound absurd to diminish the value of page views. However, with the growth in popularity of AJAX & Javascript, user generated content and advances in dependable CPA/CPL based advertising, I believe page views as a metric has less and less value. If you think about it, sites using a large amount of AJAX for navigation don’t really generate a new page, unless they really want to. Sites depending on User Generated Content run into the reverse problem, with users who contribute content artificially inflating the PPV number. Finally, as the industry gets closer to precise tracking for CPA campaigns, the ad impression count will really be used to gauge success versus another ad network. Read More »

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Spore Creature Creator Made Public


All 190 megs of Spore’s Creature Creator was made available to the public on June 14th. Within days, YouTube was flooded with thousands of videos of user-made creatures hanging out in a swamp and dancing to some bongo music. The video game is a “MSO” (massively single-player online game) and the brainchild of Will Wright, creator of SimCity and the Sims. The user starts off by creating a cellular organism but have full control of its evolution into an intelligent being with the ability to travel into space. The unique thing about this game is that each user gets their own world within a galaxy of other users’ planets. The release date is still a fuzzy “late 2008“. Can you say Christmas release?

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Let me know what you think of this game in the Comments.

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