ASCII to Hex Converter

Because you never know when you’ll need to convert ASCII to Hex it’s really handy to have a good converter. Unless you know that %7E is a tilde and %2F is a forward-slash, then I would recommend bookmarking my favorite ascii to hex converter, Centricle. Even though it sounds like something covered in the anatomy chapter of a biology textbook, don’t let that scare you. That’s because it’s a really clean and simple tool to quickly do conversions. No extra options… just a radio button to do ASCII to Hex, and another to go from Hex to ASCII. I use it on a weekly, if not daily basis.

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Instant Information Devaluation

Information cost is a fickle animal. Ironically, information has the most value right before it’s made available to a person. This value isn’t always in the pure financial sense, but also includes the time spent to gain that information. However, as soon as the transfer of information occurs, that attained information by itself has zero value to the new owner. So then what’s the point of gaining new information? Read More »

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New GRD Project Management Process

I recently read about a new Project Management process called “GRD”. It’s supposed to cut through all the non-essential users to streamline break-fix or emergency issue resolution. I’m still looking around for more information about this GRD Process — including what it’s an acronym for. My guess is that it stands for “Greatly Reduced *Something*”.

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April 15th

Ahh yes, good old April 15th. We all know what today is…the day the Titanic sank. Rose, don’t let go of Jack’s hand…or else you won’t be able to have kids to claim as dependents. And filing jointly…forget about it!

What? What? What’s wrong with making pop-culture references from eight years ago? When you are as cool as me, you can mention happenings from as far back as 11 years! Observe: So I was walking down the street when Marcia Clark and Chris Darden came up to me. Marcia asked me if I have the time. To which I replied, “Time cannot be possessed. Unless you mean the magazine, in which case I do not have a subscription.” Chris apologized for Marcia’s grammatical error, and clarified that they were indeed searching for the magazine. I then pointed them to a newsstand down the street, at which point they thanked me and we parted ways.

What’s the moral of this anecdote? Be sure to indicate if you forgot your watch or if you are looking for a weekly news publication. Or else, I might write about you!

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President’s Day

Today is President’s Day. This holiday commemorates the President sailing the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria around the world and landing on Plymouth rock on this day – also his birthday – in 1776. He then chopped down a cherry tree using his wooden teeth, and signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Yeah…that sounds about right. I don’t have off from work, but at least it’s a cold gray gloomy morning. Plus, not much traffic.

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