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When We Left Earth Available on DVD

For all you space and science geeks out there, I’m sure Discovery’s “When We Left Earth” series was the HD event of 2008. If you didn’t get a chance to watch it, missed an episode (like me), or just want to see all the NASA footage in all its HD glory, you can pre-order the […]

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When We Left Earth Part 2 – NASA’s Apollo Missions

This Sunday was the second part of When We Left Earth, Discovery Channel’s three part series covering NASA’s first 50 years. While the part one documented the agency’s shaky beginnings up to the Gemini missions (1958 to 1966), part two really focused on the Apollo lunar flights. Once again, they did an excellent job covering […]

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When We Left Earth – HD-TV in the 60’s?

Yesterday, as I was watching Discovery Channel’s new series When We Left Earth, I noticed something peculiar. The test, launch and space footage from NASA was in HD and in 16:9 ratio (without pillar-boxing). I started to wonder if they cropped the top and bottom of the footage (beam-boxing??). After doing some research, it looks […]

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Mad Men Season Two Premiere Date Announced

My favorite new show from last season was AMC’s 1960’s period drama Mad Men. For those not in the know, it’s about a Madison Avenue advertising company set in the evolving cultural milieu after the Korean War and before Vietnam. The show features great character development, smart dialog and an excellent period setting. It’s also […]

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