When We Left Earth Available on DVD


For all you space and science geeks out there, I’m sure Discovery’s “When We Left Earth” series was the HD event of 2008. If you didn’t get a chance to watch it, missed an episode (like me), or just want to see all the NASA footage in all its HD glory, you can pre-order the six episode DVD box set. The box-set comes with 4 discs and is available in two formats — standard definition and Blu-Ray HD. Bonus features include 4 hours of NASA highlights, extra mission clips and detailed astronaut interviews. The standard version runs $64.95 and will ship on July 10th. However, the Blu-Ray version will set you back $74.99 and ships a couple weeks later on July 24th.

DVD Highlights:

  • All 6 Episodes
    • Ordinary Supermen
    • Friends and Rivals
    • Landing the Eagle
    • The Explorers
    • The Shuttle
    • A Home In Space
  • 4 DVDs
  • Digitally restored NASA behind the scenes films, extra footage of missions and detailed astronaut interviews.
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