When We Left Earth Part 2 – NASA’s Apollo Missions

This Sunday was the second part of When We Left Earth, Discovery Channel’s three part series covering NASA’s first 50 years. While the part one documented the agency’s shaky beginnings up to the Gemini missions (1958 to 1966), part two really focused on the Apollo lunar flights. Once again, they did an excellent job covering in depth all steps leading up to the flights from the Apollo 1 fire, Apollo 10’s dress rehearsal, Apollo 11’s lunar landing, Apollo 13’s struggles to the end of the program with Apollo 17’s final visit to the moon. They wrap up part two with the launch of Skylab – NASA’s project to gauge the effects of extended weightlessness on the human body.

I must say again that the folks at The Discovery Channel did a wonderful job combining HD converted footage with interviews to tell the history of NASA as if you were there for the ride. The third and final part of this documentary is scheduled to air Sunday, June 22 at 9pm. They will cover the recent history of the agency, with a focus on the Space Shuttle program. But, if you can’t wait until then, or would like to watch more video, be sure to check out NASA Video Vault.

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